Monday, May 24, 2010

Pool Weather

The temperatures have suddenly risen to the 90s with high humidity, so we set up an inflatable pool in the back yard under some trees. We used a hose splitter to fill it from our clothes washer hookup, thus using warm water.

That tarp over to the left covered it last night. AnnaBeth is using it as a deck today to avoid stepping on so much tree-generated trash.

Indoors the rats have been enjoying a little pool action of their own:

We had frozen peas on that plastic lid floating on the water. We tried just putting the peas in the water, but they all sort of sank before the rats caught on they were there. After they caught on to the peas-in-the-pool concept, though, Callie (the all-grey one) was ready to scuba dive to look for more.


Bridgett said...

Fill with warm water: brilliant.

Luke said...

The temperature hasn't risen to the point of needing to give our rat--Rambo--a frozen pea pool yet, but I'm sure he'll enjoy it when the time comes. Our last rat sure did [smile].