Friday, July 16, 2010

Summer 2010

Rick left for Mexico early Monday morning, and Thalia left for Oklahoma City (middle school youth group mission trip) Tuesday, which left Annabeth and I, along with the cats and the rats.

We went to the pool a lot. Annabeth claims we've been to the pool more this week than we were all of Summer 2009. I think she's close to being right.

We ate a lot of Doritos and sorbet. And those frozen miniature eclairs from Trader Joe's that you eat straight out of the box because they're better frozen.

But we made occasional forays into nourishing food. We tried to make hard boiled eggs into chibi Totoros, using black sesame seeds for the eyes. I think some sort of round white thing under the seed would help, but I'm not sure what to use insofar as something I'd want to eat with a hard boiled egg.

Chibi Totoro salad!

I did some more crocheting. This is a pattern for a keychain, but I think it would be a great Christmas tree ornament.

It also works for American Girl dolls.

We threw parties for the rats, decorating the playhouse with old newspapers, crepe paper streamers, and strings of popcorn.

They had a lovely snack bar of Cheerios (which they hid in the newspapers) and bread crusts (most of which they hid under the couch).

They also played Bobbing for Peas.

We also managed to get a little school work done, mostly Writing With Ease. Every summer we have visions of getting all sorts of school work done, but it tends to get set aside for more urgent matters like stringing popcorn for rats.

Now Rick is home from Mexico, and Thalia should be home from Oklahoma City later today.

Next week: more of the same.

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Bridgett said...

I love your summer.