Thursday, July 8, 2010


From Lucy Ravenscar's pattern.

After I finished all of the collars (and, by the way, did they ever DO anything with those?) I was looking for something to do in the car on the way to Tricia's wedding. So I decided to crochet some amigurumi. And someone had mentioned that Totoro was in Toy Story 3 ... I'm not a big fan of the Toy Story serieis, but I love Totoro and had been wandering around humming the song for days ... so I decided to stop by JoAnn and get some blue and white yarn to make the chu-Totoro. Except the Caron Simply Soft was on sale, and I really really liked the grey. So I switched to o-Totoro.

But when I got in the car I realized that you can't really finish up the body in the car, since you have to sew on the eyes and stuff it before you finish it. So I made the appendages, then lost interest -- something about the plastic hook I was using along with the plastic yarn which kept squeaking and splitting. Ick -- it was like nails running down a chalkboard. But this week during our 2nd annual Gas Leak Extravaganza I decided to finish it up.

Annabeth decided it should have whiskers and a small mouth. We considered the possibility of a big, cheesy grin, but decided against it "this time". The kids seem to be under the impression that we're going to be making a bunch of these.

That's a fake leaf on its head, recalling when he was in the rain at the bus stop. Perhaps a crocheted leaf "next time'?


Bridgett said...

I covet your totoro. My girls must know that movie by heart--I watched it so many times I started to read in all sorts of layers. On light bedrest with Maeve's pregnancy we watched that movie all the time and I would just cry and cry. Not the intention, I'm sure. But great movie. It does make a silent appearance in TS3--it's one of the toys in the (good) little girl's house.

mermaids said...