Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Three More Leaks Fixed

So far this morning we've had 3 more gas line leaks fixed.

Last evening we had one fixed (while the kids and I were at the Muny). The plumber was really kicking himself this morning for not re-checking the entire line -- every single join -- while he was here last night. Although 2 of the 3 leaks this morning were on already existing joins -- I guess maybe they jarred loose during the new piping installation? Really, I've no clue.

Here's what I know -- I'd really, really like to sleep tonight. You know, go to bed at a decent time, in sort of a carefree, calm manner built on the security of knowing that everything is going okay.

Right now someone is actually installing the stove. Which I guess could cause another leak if something goes wrong with that. But I'm really over the gas leak thing. It no longer bothers me. The past couple of days have been sort of like a giant desensitization therapy session for that.

But don't worry -- I have plenty of other things I obsess about. S the loss of this particular obsession isn't going to leave a gaping hole in my life. Like, what if one of the tires fell off the car while I'm driving? (Actually, Uncle Chelsea explained to me how to handle that if it happens -- RULE #1: DON'T USE YOUR BRAKES -- so I'm a little calmer about it, but still sort of tend to ponder it whenever I'm zipping along the highway.)


Tara said...

I'm glad you are over the gas leak thing. Now I'm feeling a little paranoid though...
Hope you manage to get some sleep.
I'm curious to know, how do you handle the car situation? Release the gas and try to coast off to the side? Scream and curse?

km said...

These obsessions are making me feel normal. I sort of wonder how people *DON'T* think about these things.

Gail said...

Tara, if you blow a tire you can do everything you mentioned. But,yes, the main thing is to just coast. Switch off the cruise control if you have it on.

Since your tires will suddenly be 2 different sizes they will want to rotate at 2 different speeds, so using brakes will send you into a spin.

Uncle Chelsea has blown tires while driving at "brisk" speeds (like 80mph) twice, and seemed pretty calm about it.