Thursday, June 11, 2009

Paint! Cats!

You know how some cats like to roll in dust? These days the cat can roll in dust without ever leaving the comfort of home:

Black cat in white dust. Pretty funny when you see her trotting around the house with a white butt.

But, more importantly, paint on walls! It's just in the places that won't have cabinets.

Also, paint on ceilings!

You can sort of see the texture of the ceiling in that photo. I think it turned out pretty spiffy. Every place we've lived has had a different texture on the ceiling -- blown in, stomped, smooth, etc. I now know how to do this one -- it involves sand in the paint, which is rolled on, then going back over it with a broom.

Today they'll finish the ceiling (we had the lights put on 3-way switches so we no longer have to walk across the room to turn them on and off -- now we'll be able to torn off the kitchen lights as we leave the kitchen instead of turning off the lights and then walking across the room with the lights out -- this involved several holes in the ceiling), and start putting up the cabinets.

1 comment:

Tara said...

It looks like the kitchen is really coming along – so bright and sunny!
Love the cat with the white rear end. :-)