Monday, June 8, 2009

Camp Half-Blood

The local libraries set up some Camp Half-Blood programs to celebrate Rick Riordan's latest book in the Percy Jackson series, The Last Olympian. Before we went we discussed that they probably wouldn't have a rock climbing wall, let alone a rock climbing wall with flowing lava (don't you hate it when libraries have to cut back due to budget restraints). Annabeth found this disappointing, but was determined to make the best of it.

The kids were assigned to a cabin as they checked in, and were sent to begin designing a shield for themselves. When everyone arrived, each cabin worked on a trivia quiz on the first 4 Percy Jackson books. Our crew, the Apollo cabin, did well with this event.

Next up, canoe races. In library book tubs.

A relay involving golden apples:

Cyclops shooting:

Thalia, our archer, decided not to use the nerf archery set since the arrows weren't in good shape. Instead she used a little shooter that looks more like our flyshooter. She was the only one from Apollo cabin who did well with this particular task.

As a matter of fact, Apollo cabin didn't do well in any of the feats of physical prowess. But they were beyond compare on the trivia quiz (and probably should've really been the Athena cabin, what with the wisdom displayed). So they ended up winning the competition, earning a large Hershey bar each.

In a random drawing, Thalia received a copy of The Last Olympian. It is now the "family copy", as our other copy has been autographed to her by Rick Riordan. The kids also got a map of Camp Half-Blood to take home.

A fun evening, even though they had to skip the sword fighting due to lack of time. Probably just as well -- even though the plan was to use foam bats for the swords, the Ares cabin was disturbingly bloodthirsty, and overall just a little too much in character. Several kids wanted to play capture the flag, but that will have to wait for another day.

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This intriguing post has made me decide to instantly go look up this series! It sounds like a great match for our family. Thanks.