Sunday, June 7, 2009

Making Memories

Future conversation in our house:

"Remember when we were re-doing the kitchen, so we made a fire on the back porch and cooked stuff over the fire?"

It occurred to me that a clever homeschooler would've planned this remodel to coincide with some sort of study -- maybe a unit study of Little House on the Prairie or Birch Bark House, complete with frontier cooking experiences (Ma Ingalls didn't need these fancypants appliances or electricity, by golly!). Or integrate it with most history studies, since most of history has featured cooking over fires. Or discuss how various contemporary cultures prepare food. Or at least put together a unit on the history of cooking.

Also, there;s a Junior Girl Scout badge we'll be able to earn if we keep this up -- Annabeth seems to be earning Outdoor Cook fairly effortlessly this week.


Ami said...

And thanks to modern technology, you have the pictures to prove that these events actually occurred.

I'd like a new kitchen. I don't *need* one, and I don't like going through any remodeling projects because we do it ourselves. Cheaper, but very s-l-o-w.

Tara said...

They probably will remember this forever.
I've come to the conclusion that it is very easy to drive yourself nuts with turning everything into a unit... have some fun... order a pizza. I think that whole cookin'-up- freshly-skinned-varmint-over-the-fire thing must be seriously over rated.

km said...'s summer. When you eventually talk about outdoor cooking, then just pull out your photos. Otherwise...just enjoy the memory making.