Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Finally Get to do Something Fun in the Kitchen

I've had several hours with no one else at our house today. Which means I've finally had a chance to put something away in all of these spiffy new cabinets.

When we lived in Ohio we had an upper cabinet next to the stove that was for spices -- it had a spice rack built into the door. I thought that was pretty nice, so when the Diamond catalog said they had a spice cabinet I said, "Sure, definitely!" figuring it would be the same thing.

So the cabinet was installed right next to the stove, where it will be handy for cooking,

and we discovered that, no, there weren't little shelves on the inside of the door. Instead, the little shelves are actually inside the cabinet itself

and swing out

to reveal even more little shelves behind.

I sort of want to spend the day alphabetizing the spices, it's just so much fun to put stuff on all these little shelves. If you ever get new cabinets, you gotta get one of these.


km said...

I LOVE that! I would want to spend a day with my spices too. With that set up, I might not alphabetize though...most used in the front and some of the exotics in the back. I do alphabetize my CD's though. ;0)

Obi-Mom Kenobi said...

After viewing those cupboards, I had a brief jealous spasm , but let me say, "You lucky, lucky woman..."

Brooke Z. said...

I'm looking for a cabinet just like that... where did you get it?

Gail said...

They're Diamond cabinets from Lowes. I think they're Diamond Reflections. Lowes kitchen cabinet department should be able to tell you what's available.