Thursday, June 4, 2009


There are big billowy pieces of plastic in the doorways.


I bet there's something really good in there. I wish I could figure out how to get in and see it.


Actually, I think he mostly wants to be fed in the kitchen, because that's the proper place for the food. NOT the hallway, thank you -- that's obviously not "real" food. The real food is in the kitchen in the dish on the blue mat next to the counter.

State of the kitchen at the end of day 1:

Very, very empty.

Also, interesting open areas up high that the cats are just dying to explore.

Special bonus -- we just had our A/C unit checked, and Mr. A/C Guy says the 5-year-old coil is leaking. Good times.

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Tara said...

What a difference a day makes! But I bet it will be beautiful when it's done.
Gotta love those special bonus times! We're in one ourselves right now.