Wednesday, June 10, 2009

100 Species Challenge

1. Strawberry
2. Black-eyed Susan
3. Rose of Sharon, Althea
4. Potentilla
5. Vinca
6. Grape Hyacinth

7. Tiger Lily

The former occupants did many odd things with the landscape here. They did manage one incredibly cool thing, though -- they planted these:

It's much more common to see an orange Tiger Lily. We had scads of day lilies and tiger lilies at our old house, and I was pretty ho-hum about them. But I think this reddish pink is gorgeous.

I've noticed that when I google "tiger lily" I get some pictures of things I would call day lilies. Notice that the plant in my photo has leaves whorled around the stem -- that's the plant I use the common name "tiger lily" for. The ones on this website I'd call day lilies. Your mileage may vary.

Also, the wikipedia article calls the plant I'm thinking of Lilium columbianum, while I see it listed other places as Lilium tigrinum. Are these 2 different plants? Likely, although it could be just another example of changing nomenclature. I wonder what the difference is. I know that people eat day lilies, I've heard they eat tiger lilies, but are we all talking about the same things when we say these names? These are questions I'd like to find out more about.

More about the 100 Species Challenge here, and a link to all of my 100 Species entries is in the sidebar.

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Ami said...

Those are just beautiful!!

I would LOVE to have some of those bulbs!! Wow.

(I really like lilies.)