Tuesday, August 19, 2008

100 Species Challenge

This looks like a fun idea, and (theoretically) educational:

The 100-Species Challenge

1. Participants should include a copy of these rules and a link to this entry in their initial blog post about the challenge. I will make a sidebar list of anyone who notifies me that they are participating in the Challenge.

2. Participants should keep a list of all plant species they can name, either by common or scientific name, that are living within walking distance of the participant's home. The list should be numbered, and should appear in every blog entry about the challenge, or in a sidebar.

3. Participants are encouraged to give detailed information about the plants they can name in the first post in which that plant appears. My format will be as follows: the numbered list, with plants making their first appearance on the list in bold; each plant making its first appearance will then have a photograph taken by me, where possible, a list of information I already knew about the plant, and a list of information I learned subsequent to starting this challenge, and a list of information I'd like to know. (See below for an example.) This format is not obligatory, however, and participants can adapt this portion of the challenge to their needs and desires.

4. Participants are encouraged to make it possible for visitors to their blog to find easily all 100-Species-Challenge blog posts. This can be done either by tagging these posts, by ending every post on the challenge with a link to your previous post on the challenge, or by some method which surpasses my technological ability and creativity.

5. Participants may post pictures of plants they are unable to identify, or are unable to identify with precision. They should not include these plants in the numbered list until they are able to identify it with relative precision. Each participant shall determine the level of precision that is acceptable to her; however, being able to distinguish between plants that have different common names should be a bare minimum.

6. Different varieties of the same species shall not count as different entries (e.g., Celebrity Tomato and Roma Tomato should not be separate entries); however, different species which share a common name be separate if the participant is able to distinguish between them (e.g., camillia japonica and camillia sassanqua if the participant can distinguish the two--"camillia" if not).

7. Participants may take as long as they like to complete the challenge.  You can make it as quick or as detailed a project as you like.  I'm planning to blog a minimum of two plants per week, complete with pictures and descriptions as below, which could take me up to a year.  But you can do it in whatever level of detail you like.

The challenge was put together at scsours.. I read about it at Melissa Wiley's blog.

We (well, actually me, but I'll drag everyone else here into it) will be participating. I'd like to think I can bang this out fairly quickly -- surely I can already identify nearly 100 species of plants around here. Getting around to writing blog posts about them will be the challenge, of course. I mean, right now I'm looking out the window at some Black Eyed Susans that have sprung up volunteer, the yew bushes, the maple trees, we have gobs of violets and wild strawberries ... oh, so much flora to snap pictures of and to write about!

I'll tag each post with a "100 Species" tag that will link in the sidebar. And maybe figure out how to put Melissa Wiley's cool button in the sidebar, too.


km said...

I should totally do this. I mean, "technically" I live within walking distance of the local arboretum. I just don't walk there. There's a really big hill separating us. Most of the plants in our yard are from there.

Bridgett said...

Ok, I'm a half block from Tower Grove Park and I'm doing this. Love it!