Friday, August 1, 2008


Those who read blogs on a regular basis probably know how to post a comment; this how-to is for those readers who are new to the blog world.

At the bottom of this post should be the word "Comment".  It's in green to match the background that we've currently chosen -- I think the color will change if we change the background.  It's right next to the "Posted by Gail" and the time stamp.

It's actually a link to the comment page.  By clicking on it you're taken to a 2-column page.  The left column shows all of the comments that have been made so far.  The right side has a box that you can type in, surrounded by blue to show that it's something you can affect.   The computer cursor automatically goes to that box.  You type up your comment in the box.  Then you "Choose an identity".  If you don't have an account with any of the services listed, choose "Anonymous".  Then click the orange box that says "Publish Your Comment".  

After you click Publish, you'll see a tiny little message across the top that says something to the effect that your comment is being saved for blog owner approval.  I'll get a message that there's a comment awaiting approval, and I can check to see what it says before allowing it to post on the page.

By the way, when you're on the 2-column comment page there's a blue "Show Original Post" line up at the top.  If you click that link (things in blue are links!) it will show the words of the post, but no photos.  So, for example, if you click onto the comment page right now you could click "Show Original Post" and you'd have this entire post right beside the blue box that you type comments in.

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