Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Work in Progress Wednesday

Our house is filled with sewing activity.

I'm working on a pair of capris from Ottobre Woman 2/2007. It's design #17 "Outdoor Pants". I'm using stretch poplin. So far I've decided to leave off the side pockets, which I felt added nothing to the design. The bottoms are supposed to be drawn in with cord loops/cord stoppers at the bottom. We'll see how it looks when I get to that point.

Action shot before putting in zipper:

I'd like to have these done for the weekend. But, you know, I'm sharing the sewing machine with Thalia. She came to me yesterday with several fashion sketches and asked if I could help her make the garments pictured. Ummm. Gulp. Yeah, maybe. Then I realized the garments were for American Girl dolls. Oh, okay, doll stuff is easy.

Actually, she's not needed any help for the first design, which is a tiered skirt:

She had made a similar skirt for herself last summer, so she understood the construction. She's using white thread because she doesn't want to keep changing the machine from what I'm using. Although we have 2 sewing machines we both like to use the Viking that Grandma gave us last year.

In the meantime, AnnaBeth is busy filling up her new shelving unit. Featured in last week's WIP Wednesday, it's now painted and in her room. The dark pink backing behind the shelves matches one of the walls of the room.

In other WIP updates:

FiFi fizzled as a Ravelympics project. The main issue? I wasn't interested in knitting. Well, also I spent the first week of the Ravelympics crocheting collars. And as FiFi grew it became apparent that I needed a longer circular needle to hold all of the stitches. And I had an interesting book to read, and FiFi isn't a knit-and-read project (too much pattern work). And the weather was perfect for going swimming instead of knitting. Honestly, though, I could've avoided all of these problems if I'd wanted to knit. Which I didn't especially want to do.

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