Wednesday, February 4, 2009

F is for Flyshooter

F was going to be something artsy craftsy, like Fabric or Finished Sock or something of that sort, in hopes that y'all would think I was one of those cool bloggers whose life is filled with creative moments.

But we went to Cabella's this morning to get a new arrow rest for Thalia's bow, since she'd been using the cheapy plastic stick-on one, and the adhesive has pretty much given up on life (by the way, the crowd at Cabella's on a weekday morning is interesting, to say the least). And while we were waiting to check out I noticed a display of Flyshooters!

Whoa, I haven't seen one of these for years! I used to have a blue one.

Have you ever seen one? You use it like a gun:

Squeeze the trigger,

and the little white thingy flies off and hits the insect:

Make sure to retrieve the little white thingy, or else you'll just be left with a flat plastic piece that looks like a child's drawing of a gun. And you'll spend years trying to explain to people that it's a Fly Shooter, and trying to describe how it works, and how cool it is.

I can't wait until warmer weather. Look out, flying insects! This spring I'm prepared for you!


km said...

My boys would love that. They are the ones who asked if they each could have their own flyswatter when they're on hunts to kill the pesky flys that got in the house. And, it's pretty cool that you can shop at a Cabella's. We only get the catalog here.

Gail said...

Oh, yeah -- Cabella's and Loopy Ewe -- we've got quite the shopping choices here!