Saturday, February 7, 2009

Suzuki Piano Recital

AnnaBeth had her Suzuki Level One graduation recital today.

Uncle Mark got a few pictures on his iPhone:

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I was reading the story. If you've been to one of these recitals you know what I'm talking about, but if you haven't, then here's how it goes: someone reads a story that incorporates all the titles of all of the piano pieces, and whenever a title is mentioned the student plays that piece. All of the pieces are played from memory.

She did a decent job. I had forgotten to have the piano tuned -- we usually have it tuned the end of February, so it needs it mightily right now. So that was too bad.

Also, perhaps someday I will catch on to how to blog from Flickr -- I usually take photos from my camera to my hard drive to Blogger. This one came from Mark's phone to my email to Flickr to here, and didn't land exactly where I wanted with the title I wanted, plus it could've used a pass through an editor to straighten it ... but, hey, life could be worse. Note the skirt she's wearing-- yeah, it's that one. Definitely a hit.

Oh, and we had our "It's a Small World" moment of the week at the recital. AnnaBeth had invited a friend from Scouts. When the mom brought the girl in she saw Aunt Linda (also at the recital) and said, "You look familiar...." It turned out that they were friends 20 years ago, and had lost touch with each other. The mom also knew our piano teacher. Sheesh, you think you'll be introducing all these people to each other for the first time, then it turns out everyone knows each other way before you ever even lived here.

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