Friday, February 27, 2009

Weekly Report -- Feb. 27

This week we had a 2 hour meeting about the Girl Scout Silver Award, a 2 hour parents meeting about Brownies (Thalia helped babysit the kids that got dragged along), and a Cadette skating party. Sheesh, it seems like it's been All Scouts All the Time. We've also fit in dance, archery, choir, piano, and a church council meeting (Rick took Thalia as part of her confirmation requirements). And somewhere in the little bits of time left over, we fit in school.

History continues to focus on the Greeks. We're reading Famous Men of Greece, and also Gueber's Story of the Greeks aloud. We've used selections from these for AnnaBeth's writing assignments -- she has narrated, done copywork and dictation out of them. Thalia's model this week for Classical Writing Homer has been about Xenophon's march to the sea -- this was one of the sample passages in the CW Homer book. And we watched a DVD that Tara recommended, MacGillivray Freeman's Greece: Secrets of the Past.

AnnaBeth's science continues a tour of the human body, this week looking at skin. Thalia continues to learn how scientists work in Prentice Hall Science Explorer's The Nature of Science and Technology.

Both kids completed another chapter of Latin for Children, AnnaBeth learning the first declension (offended that so many cases share endings, since then you can't tell them apart so what's the point of having all of these pesky endings to memorize) and Thalia learning 3rd conjugation verbs.

Thalia is wrestling adjective clauses in Analytical Grammar, drawing increasingly complex structures in the sentence diagrams.

In math AnnaBeth is working on various algorithms for subtraciton. Thalia continues to graph simple functions in Algebra. Rick stayed home with a bad cold one day (in lieu of going into work and sneezing all over everyone -- really, his co-workers should thank him) and watched the DVD of this series with us, which was certainly a memorable experience. Let's just say that the DVD goes at a pace appropriate for a 7th grader (or early high school student), and he tends to like the pace of a college course better.

Today we'll finish up odds and ends, pick up Girl Scout cookies to deliver this weekend (ick -- have I mentioned how much I hate Girl Scout cookies? We already have 110 of the 220 boxes we need to deliver), and try to wrap up the week.


Shannon said...

You are one busy mama! I'd need a five hour nap after the week you had :). Your girls are lucky to be so involved and having so much fun.

Our Westmoreland School said...

I wish I had a girl scout, I love the cookies!

Sounds like a good week, even with all the extras you managed to get everything done, way to go!

Freakmom said...

Violet is working on her Bronze award this year. She's going to help a greyhound adoption non-profit with their big Memorial Day festivities. The Silver Award totally scares me. I don't know how on earth we'll ever manage that one. I'm kinda hoping she won't want to do it, but I don't want to let her on to that.

I hate cookies too. I love it in theory (I'm on the Council's product sales committee and it is my favorite volunteer position) and I love eating them, but selling, delivery and collection is for the birds.

Tara said...

Whoa, what a week! Hope you find time to put your feet up and nibble some of those cookies soon!

Robin of My Two Blessings said...

What a busy week. We love the cookies by the way. I ended up ordering 20 boxes. Hopefully they will last a while.

kitten said...

Sounds like a load, but a happy one! I miss scouting now its over.
Keep up the good work!