Monday, February 23, 2009

Dumping more Irish Dance information for my future reference

More link storage so I have a place to find this stuff later. This goes along with my post on sore knees

Reducing Injuries for Irish and Ballet Dancers in Motion Capture Lab. I found this while looking for something else (I was looking around for info on Laban/Bartenieff, and this sort of leapt out at me in a sidebar). Link to article cited in the blog post , Link to video (I'm copying the links here in case the first blog post disappears.)

I wonder how long this stuff (information on safe practices in dance) will take to trickle down to the local level. We're not dancing at a level to worry much about injuries -- dance is just one thing we do among many -- but still, one wonders how this information is disseminated through Irish Dance-dom. Perhaps if we WERE more heavily involved we'd already know about it, since we'd be cruising the dance forums for tidbits such as this.

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