Thursday, February 5, 2009


Today AnnaBeth and I finished First Language Lessons Level 3:

We enjoyed this book and workbook. Having done First Language Lessons Levels 1 and 2 twice over (one time per child) I was fairly familiar with how the series works, and FLL3 was easy peasy lemon squeezy. I just grabbed the book and workbook and did it with pretty much no prep. AnnaBeth and I both loved the convenience of the workbook. My only regret is that this wasn't around when Thalia was at this level.

We worked on this about 4 times per week, since that's what fit our life. The book suggests using it 3 times per week.

AnnaBeth is ready to forge ahead with First Language Lessons Level 4, delighted with the prospect of working on 4th grade material NOW. But I'd sort of like to fill in the time with other things -- spend more time reading books, writing things, explore other subjects.

Also finished today -- a new skirt for AnnaBeth:

Ottobre 1/2009 #19 "Hertta" skirt.

When AnnaBeth saw the heart shape pockets she thought it would be really cool to have this for the Girl Scout Valentine's party today. I got some fabric earlier this week and started it.

Then last night I was in the fabric store and saw the lighter color dotted fabric, and decided it was waaay better than my original choice. So I bought some, quickly pre-treated it (wash/dry -- always pre-treat your fabric before sewing!), and started over.

I added length to the skirt. I carefully traced it out as 110 in width and 128 in length, which should perfectly fit AnnaBeth, but it seemed very short when I held the pattern pieces up to her. I added about 1.5 inches to the main body of the skirt, and about a centimeter to the lower ruffle. Also, I changed some of the trim options.

I really like this issue of Ottobre, and am already plotting my next project. I think AnnaBeth and I will be visiting the fabric store during Thalia's dance class tonight.

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Tara said...

It's always such a nice feeling to be able to say "Finished!" Congratulations. :-)
The coordinating fabrics you chose for the skirt are adorable together.