Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Recap

Saturday morning Thalia had a service project of making fleece blankets starting at 10am. I dropped her off for that with the warning that I'd be picking her up early (it was supposed to last until 1pm, but I figured they'd be done by noon).

Then AnnaBeth and I finished up organizing the first street's worth of Girl Scout cookie deliveries

and started taking them out for delivery (this involves having all boxes labelled, thank you note attached, note for how much owed, separate paper list of every street number we need to stop at on the street -- if we could just attach tracking barcodes we could be UPS). That chair is one street's worth. I've been amassing those paper bags for the past year -- perfect for packing 3-4 boxes. Rick arrived home from his various errands, I picked up Thalia (they were done with all the bolts of fleece, as I predicted), we all had a quick lunch, then Thalia, AnnaBeth and I delivered another couple of streets' worth of cookies. Then home to reload, and Rick took them out for the next run.

Which had to end early because I had to take Thalia to the archery range. My plan was to spend the time at the range finishing my Vest-uary vest, but I'd forgotten that it was Partner Shoot night. Oops.

So, I shot arrows instead. And, frankly, when it comes to archery I'm a pretty good knitter. Really. I discovered that I can't shoot Thalia's bow because I'm not strong enough. How embarrassing -- not only is she bigger than me, but she's stronger, too. I did manage to hit the target several times, and I think I even scored an 8 ... this was at the 10 yard line, by the way, after they gave me a lighter bow that was easier to shoot. When it came to the balloons, though, I was a mess. If my life depended on being able to being able to pop balloons that were hung against the wall using a bow and arrow, I'd be dead.

Thalia, of course, did just fine at the 20 yard line.

See those tiny targets? I managed to hit one! And it was even the one I was aiming for! But I was at half the distance these people (that's Thalia in the center) are shooting from. If you squint you can see the white floor quivers lined up closer to the targets -- that's where I was standing. Also, those are the targets usually used for compound bows -- recurves get a bigger target during class.

Afterwards home, supper, then Rick revealed that he had bought a DVD -- HIgh School Musical 3! AnnaBeth was screaming and jumping up and down in excitement. We settled in to watch it, I settled in to finally finish knitting my vest .... At 10pm I was close to done, and decided I didn't want to stay up any longer.

Sunday was church, Sunday School, home for a quick lunch (we had cooked a boneless turkey breast Saturday night while watching the movie), then back out to deliver more cookies for about an hour. Then back to church for confirmation class and choirs -- a three hour extravaganza during which I finished up my knitting, read a book, and listened to AnnaBeth reciting all the books of the Bible (she's decided she needs to memorize this this week). Home, supper (chili cooking in the crockpot while we were gone), sew buttons on the vest, laundry.

I think we've delivered enough cookies/collected enough money that we can turn in AnnaBeth's money this Thursday (when our cookie manager for that troop has decided she needs the money -- a breathtakingly quick turn around time of one week, during which we have about a bazillion other commitments). Thalia's troop is much more laid back, and we can finish up in the next week or so.

I'll post about the vest later. Right now I think I'm going to go stare at the wall.


km said...

What a weekend. For now I'm thankful that we only enjoy eating the cookies from a friends daughter and that we're not delivering them.

mermaids said...

i did not realize there was such a thing as an archery range. guess it makes sense.

i was terrible at PE in school. really, really terrible. the only thing i could do was run long distances and archery. i totally rocked the bow and arrow thing. maybe it was beginner's luck, but part of me has always wanted to try it again.

Tara said...

Sounds like it was a packed weekend!
Good for you for at least trying the archery. I'm discovering more and more that I've got to walk the talk and try new things if I expect my daughter to do the same.
Can't wait to see the vest all finished. It's an adorable pattern. I love trim fitting knits.