Saturday, March 14, 2009

St. Patrick's Day Parade

Which isn't really on St. Patrick's Day, but was earlier today.

Our float was a castle. The kids on it danced for the entire parade.

The weather was okay -- sunny, and I think in the 50s. Turtlenecks and skater tights made the outfit warm enough.

Who would've thought that by now each of our girls would have an entire wardrobe of wigs, and could therefore use the scrubbiest ones for a parade?

By the end of the parade, one of us was really, really cranky about taking out the headband RIGHT NOW I don't want to wait for a picture! Can you guess who?

We didn't go to the after-parade performance (shh, don't tell anyone). We have another to go to this evening, though. And tomorrow.

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KPCL Girl said...

Who did their hair?