Friday, March 13, 2009

Weekly Report -- March 13

We've been puttering along all week. It seemed like a good week to sort of lay low -- people were acting a little crazy this week, don't you think? -- so that's what we did.

We continue to read aloud Children of the New Forest. The author, Marryat, continues to favor the word "perceive". This week also revealed that some of the odd turns of phrase we've encountered are possibly typos. We're reading a copy from the library, but I assume the Project Gutenberg text is much the same.

We finished reading Half Magic. And began reading Theras and His Town. Thalia had read this a couple of years ago while doing Sonlight Core 6 (which we got partway through and then fizzled out of), so we're using the reading notes from Sonlight. Actually, I think this may be the point at which we fizzled. In any event, we've discovered that 1) we've lost all the marking pens for the markable map, and 2) the last time we used the markable map was several years ago when AnnaBeth was doing Sonlight K, as we had marked where Mary on Horseback took place, as well as some of the places Johnny Appleseed had roamed.

In math AnnaBeth continued to work on multiplication tables, using money and the clock to work on the 5s. Wow, I can't believe how many typos are in this book!. It's an earlier edition of level D, which Thalia also used years ago. How did I stand it? Yeesh, it's driving me nuts this time around. Thalia continues to watch the Teaching Company Algebra 1 DVDs, which continues to give minute detail about graphing. I stopped paying attention; I just couldn't take it anymore. But she wants to continue with this.

AnnaBeth has made it to Chapter 5 of Latin for Children A, which is a vocabulary review. And Thalia is even nearer to finishing Latin for Children B. I ordered Latin Alive 1 from Classical Academic Press earlier in the week, and it has already arrived. I think I'll start on it right now -- I can't take another day of Henle, reading about the Gauls and Caeser, and the swords and bodies in the river. Thalia will start when she finishes LfC B.

Thalia has now complete Season 2 of Analytical Grammar! Woohoo! She'll take a break from it for a few weeks before plunging into Season 3.

Thalia learned about conducting safe science experiments in Prentice Hall Science Explorers. And AnnaBeth learned about bones using our various grammar stage science resources.

Thalia worked on the King James version of the Prodigal Son for Classical Writing Homer, during which we learned that "-eth" was a third person conjugation. Also, I realized that if Thalia wrote a sentence like some of those in KJV, I'd tell her to edit. Much of CW left us laughing this week; in retrospect, I can't recall why, other than sheer silliness.

AnnaBeth continued to use Famous Men of Greece for Writing With Ease-style assignments, this week narrating about the labors of Hercules and also the origin of the Golden Fleece.

Thalia worked on part of a Cadette Interest Project that will go towards her Silver Award -- A World of Understanding -- looking up information on Burma.

Overall, a quiet week in which we did our work and then moved on.

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Tara said...

I think it is the time of year for moving along at a steady pace... or at least it is for us. Where o where is spring?