Monday, March 2, 2009


Talia from, knit in KnitPicks Andean Silk, a blend of alpaca, merino, and silk, on size 9 needles.

(No clue why there's a shadow on the upper corner of the photos.)

A fairly quick, simple knit. At 10pm on Feb.28th I was within a few rows of finishing the final band around the armhole; after that it was a matter of weaving in that final end (I'd been weaving in the ends as I went), sewing on the buttons, and doing a quick block. And I decided to go to bed instead -- it just wasn't worth staying up so I could say I finished it by the end of February.

Interestingly enough, I had a 2 hour meeting on Thursday the 26th -- I had taken the vest along, planning to knit on it during the meeting, but I forgot to take the pattern along. If I'd been able to knit it for those 2 hours I would've completed it by the end of the month.

Overall, I think the length is just precisely wrong on me -- it puts a whoppin' big piece of bulky lace right on the widest part of my bottom, plus it makes my legs look short. My legs are already short since I'm short all over, but this just emphasizes the fact. Maybe it will be better with black pants.

The yarn is wonderfully silky soft, and surprisingly warm, sort of like our black cat:

But check out that ledge and other bulges at the back of my waist! Yikes -- I hate it when that happens. I think it's a combination of the positive ease around the waist, a bit of negative ease around the hips, and the slipperiness of the yarn, all coming together to pouch out at the garter stitch bands.

So, sort of a tepid overall knitting experience. Some good points, some bad points.

But no time to brood -- there are too many other projects waiting for attention. Plus it's March, which means St. Patrick's Day, which means more Irish Dance performances than you really want to hear about.


kitten said...

I think it looks nice and you did a very good job.

Tara said...

Such a cute vest. I think it would look equally great with jeans, boots and a cute little T or a spring skirt. Nice job.