Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekly Report 9/10/10

A four day week which featured a sick kid. But still, a lot got done.

On Tuesday Thalia started her babysitting job at a local church -- she helps care for the kids of the women attending a Bible study. Not too difficult, but it does take up the entire morning, and she does get paid.

Then she came home for lunch, during which I read another section of Story of the World 4 (Hitler's rise). After that, Thalia headed to the learning center for classes in composition and Biology.

In the meantime, Annabeth and I worked on RightStart math level E, multiplying fractions, followed by Writing With Ease level 3 narration on the Declaration of Independence. In the afternoon she headed over to the neighbor's house to help out with their triplets.

When I picked up Thalia from the learning center she commented that she now understood better just what her composition teacher wanted with the compositions she had written (outlining a magazine article, then writing a paragraph using the outline -- the first article was assigned, but she got to select the 2nd one herself. We used the library's online databases -- from our home computer -- to find the full text of a fun article on the science used in the Star Trek movie that came out recently. LEARN TO USE YOUR LIBRARY DATABASES!) Since not everybody had done the first week's assignment -- some kids hadn't gotten the assignment sheet somehow -- she had the opportunity to rewrite her essays using her new insights. She also seemed really, really tired after all the new experiences of the day.

Wednesday Annabeth worked on RightStart again, more multiplying of fractions. And we did dictation from Writing With Ease. She did quite a bit of independent reading. She picked up a bunch of books from the library that cover 20th century history -- things from the Dear America series, etc. -- and has also been going through the Harry Potter series.

Thalia spent most of the morning wandering around in a daze, taking allergy meds. We considered cancelling her voice lesson, but she decided to give it a try. Home again after the lesson, a half-hearted attempt to do some Algebra, a dose of Nasonex, then dance class.

Thursday featured Annabeth and I working on RightStart E again, and working on a narration about the Magna Carta. Thalia regained conciousness around 11am, wandering around in a daze for a while. We all read Story of the World 4 on Francisco Franco (who I actually remember from my childhood, much to the kids' amazement). Thalia and I discussed that she would not be going to any social events this weekend if the schoolwork wasn't caught up in a prompt fashion. We all went to a piano lesson, Thalia working on Algebra during Annabeth's lesson time. Back home, and Thalia tried out the restored laptop (a whole OTHER story) for revamping her earlier compositions (amid much complaining about how silly she felt the IEW checklist is, since she does all of those things anyway), toting the compositions over to a printer via a memory stick. She also read a bunch of biology and a chapter of history (HIstory of the Ancient World).

Now we're in the midst of our Friday routine. Annabeth did a review sheet for RightStart E -- after this she only has 2 more lessons to finish the book. Writing With Ease was a dictation passage that was a paraphrase of Clause 29 of the Magna Carta regarding habeus corpus. Thalia is working on a biology test and will use one of the first 3 chapters of Hist/Ancient World to write another outline and summary for composition class, as per the assignment. Actually, she has to do 2 of those summaries -- not sure if she plans to do them both on history, or use something else. But it gets 2 subject out of the way if she uses history.

Will she finish in time to be allowed to go over to a friend's house? We'll see.

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