Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday

Yes, it's another installment of Cotton Dishcloth Bonanza! Woohoo!

This week we've got a cable cloth:

I probably should've blocked it to make it look better. But, then again, this way the students will see how cables pull the knitting in to a narrower shape.

Also, I goofed up a knit/purl there on the left:

I can explain to the students how to fix it. Not that they'll retain HOW to do it, but they'll retain the idea that it can be fixed (at least, I hope they'll remember that).

Overall, this project reminded me how much I enjoy cables. Something about how the stitches wind back and forth just fascinates me.

Also, a heart, which is heavily based on the iconic diagonal dishcloth pattern:

Oddly, the pattern called for size 10 needles, although every other pattern I've done has used size 7. Same yarn and all, different needles. So I used size 7 anyway, figuring these cloths stretch like crazy as soon as they're wet.

We're getting to the end of this exercise, which is probably good since my productivity has dropped tremendously (totally due to boredom with it). The class for which I'm knitting all of these starts next week, and I still have to do a boatload of prep for our first project, which will be learning to knit using felt-able wool yarn. Also, Annabeth has realized that she needs a crocheted Jiji after watching Kiki's Delivery Service this weekend. So, new adventures in crafting ahead!


TaraChristiane said...

We went through quite a long Kiki's Delivery Service phase around here some years back. Such a cute movie.
Now I'm curious... how do you change a purl into a knit after the fact without ripping?
The dishcloths are lovely. Will your students be knitting all of these as part of the class?
Also, so sorry to hear about your loss. It's always hard when a pet passes.

JaenShaesMom said...

What age do you teach to crochet and knit? Our girls (who dance with your girls) are 8 and 9 and would like to learn. I just don't know that they will sit still and stay with it long enough. (We also homeschool.)
Julie Parsons

Gail said...

Julie, Waldorf schools teach knitting at age 6 or 7, then crocheting a year or 2 after that.

I'm teaching this class at a co-op we've joined, and the co-op decided the class would be for ages 10 and up. But I taught my own girls to knit when they were younger. Maybe we can work something out. If you'd like you can leave another comment with your email address or phone number -- I won't publish it, just use it to get in touch with you.

Tara, you drop the stitch above the mistake -- however many rows up you notice it -- let it form a runner -- like when a pair of pantyhose gets a run -- then use a crochet hook to "knit" the ladders properly. Which probably makes no sense without pictures. I wonder if anyone's ever posted a tutorial about this online.

ON the bright side, now you know it's possible, so maybe you can have someone show you.

Bridgett said...

Miyazaki movies are so lovely. My girls love both Kiki and Totoro. They aren't quite old enough to get much out of the others, but I love them.

Obi-Mom Kenobi said...

That cable patterned dishcloth is just beautiful. Could you please post where to find the pattern, if there is one?

Gail said...

The pattern for the cabled cloth is at