Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday

More dishcloth knitting, with a generous side of ennui.

Did I ever show you the finished lighthouse? The color is off in this shot, but you get the idea:

The most annoying lace pattern I've ever knit:

That diagonal cloth everyone knits, even though it then stretches on the diagonal and drives me nuts (I like the colors of this yarn, though):

Still more cloths to come, although I'm am so. bored. with. this. that it took most of the day to get around to binding off the final 4 stitches on the diagonal cloth.

Also, part of this afternoon was spent sewing on 12 Junior Girl Scout badges, 2 signs, and all the cookie falderal (and I do mean ALL, since she'd done booth sales, done Gift of Caring sales, attended a cookie rally, and sold over 100 boxes -- each of those items earns yet another patch), plus some other random fun patches. Scouts is starting up again for the year. I met with a couple of other moms this afternoon to get different names on the troop checking account (pity the guy who helped us because we were talking to each other NONSTOP the entire time, since we rarely get a chance to just sit and talk mom-to-mom except on camping trips).

Mostly, though, the day was spent figuring out curriculum. I awoke this morning with the firm conviction that Thalia should drop one of her classes (Constitutional Law, which I think might be a bit much for a high school freshman). She agreed, particularly since she just got a part time babysitting job that will be taking up some of her study time. Now we need to scurry around filling the void with history and perhaps logic.


TaraChristiane said...

The cloths look great! Good luck to Thalia at her new job.

Bridgett said...

Constitutional law! That's quite an undertaking for a freshman...