Monday, June 13, 2011

A Brief Stint as Camp Followers

Saturday we took Thalia to board the Big Bus

for the trip her choir is making to Colorado. And then we hopped in the car and drove to Kansas City, where we met up with them again, just in time to go to Cedar Cove, which is a tiger sanctuary that has all sorts of big cats, including this lioness

who was mighty intrigued by the little kids who had just had a birthday party there and were running around like little attractive bits of prey -- her expression reminds me of our cats when they're watching chipmunks, know what I mean?

The next morning Thalia's choir led worship at church (25 kids -- a handful are seen here before the service -- Thalia's in the middle to the left of the microphone).

And we also had a chance to see some relatives.

Here we see a cousin trying to pretend he didn't inherit the Short Gene from his mother, and is actually taller than Thalia

but he couldn't sustain it.

Then the choir loaded back on the bus and headed to Limon, CO. In the meantime, we headed out to lunch with family, then back to St. Louis.

The choir should be chugging up Pike's Peak right now on the cog railway, then they'll head over to Garden of the Gods, and finish up by singing at another church in Colorado Springs tonight. They'll also hit up Denver, Estes Park, Rock Mountain National Park, the Alpine Slide at Winter Park, stopping at least once a day to perform. Then home for a final performance next Sunday morning, and probably a HUGE sleep deficit.

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