Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Prissy Food

We're now in the midst of Shakespeare camp, which meets all day MWF this week, then daily next week. This means the kids (or this week "the kid" since Thalia is currently in Denver where she sings somewhere at noon, then goes to Estes Park to perform tonight) need to pack a lunch, which is sort of a novelty for homeschoolers.

Another novelty this week -- cooler weather. We're talking a high of 78F, which is about 20 degrees cooler than last week. That means we can use the oven without worrying about how much we're heating up the house.

So I decided to prep some things for Annabeth's lunches this week. Given that her favorite foods are potatoes, cheese, and bacon, I had the inspiration to make some miniature twice baked potatoes out of size B red potatoes.

I based this loosely on the directions here except I didn't bother slicing anything off of the bottoms -- my potatoes were pretty flat. And I simply stuffed them with things I knew Annabeth would use on her own potatoes -- she prefers Monterey Jack, for example, and feels any sort of onion or chives are an abomination. Also, bacon makes everything better in our household. And all the proportions were eyeballed.

I didn't tell her about this until this morning when I packed it all up in the Bento box:

Also appearing with the 3 potato halves: blanched broccoli, stars cut out of Monterey Jack, and grapes (which are actually the most astounding part of the lunch considering the U.S. grapes aren't in the stores yet and I usually don't buy imported fruit).

She ate one of the potatoes for breakfast, and gave it a thumbs up, saying she couldn't wait until lunch. I'll freeze the rest of the potatoes for future lunches.

Coming up: whatever happened to those mini-muffin pans we used to have?

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km said...

Cute lunch. My kids will have to take a lunch every Wednesday next year for our co-op. I know they're looking forward to eating with friends.

Since you like bacon...I have to share.
We tried the truck for the first time this weekend. My hubby was impressed with the bacon wrapped PB&J. You might be able to use the menu for inspiration.