Sunday, June 26, 2011

Shakespeare Family Festival 2011

Time once again for the Shakespeare Family Festival at Millenium Park in Creve Coeur. Last year the festival lasted two days. This year the Powers That Be decided to try having it all on one day.

It seemed to work pretty well, particularly since the weather was about 30 degrees cooler than last year.

So, we had many of the same entertainments as last year, such face painting, crafts, fencing demos, the Tower Grove singers performing music of the era, and people dressed as Shakespearean characters:

And at 11am we had a performance of Comedy of Errors:

Then an break for the early afternoon where the concession stands shut down and the various performers took some time off (many of the kids in the play went to someone's house for a swimming party, which I heard was fairly crazy).

Then the fair resumed at 6pm with Morris dancers, roving musicians:

the Classical Guitar Society

Only one clown this year, but he's very noticeable:

Then the mayor of Creve Coeur welcomed us all

And we had another performance of Comedy of Errors

After the bows

the kids struck the set and the concessions packed up. I got all the costumes (I have become Official Costume Transportation over the past couple of years), lightening and thunder started as they were loading the pieces of the set onto the truck, we packed kids into cars

and everyone came to our house for the cast party.

(very small sampling -- I think we had about 30 people running in and out, up and down the stairs)

Which was supposed to last until 11:30, but accidentally lasted until 1am.

What a day. Can't wait until next year! And if you live around here, you really should stop by next time. Free admission, and lots of fun.


Ami said...

What a blast and what great memories!! I'll come next year. If I start walking now....

Bridgett said...

I know those roving musicians! They play in my church choir, although not in costume.