Thursday, December 22, 2011

Busy Hands

Annabeth went to a birthday party earlier this week.  She made a scarf for her friend out of fabric she found in the basement, plus some  pompom fringe.

 I had purchased this fabric years ago, probably from Sewzanne's.  Never used it, obviously, and now the kids aren't interested in wearing things with little pink ballerinas.  But her friend loved it -- she studies dance, so it was very appropriate.

Also, I've been knitting a scarf for myself.  Something to do while waiting, which is how I seem to spend a lot of my life.

 I had the yarn, Lorna's Laces sportweight in Cranberry, in the basement for about as long as I had the fabric.  I think I was going to make the kids warm socks; the red color reminded me of Little House on the Prairie.  (I had amazing intentions about what I was going to make the kids over the years.  Also, we have interesting supplies squirreled away in our basement, some of which are holdovers from those projects that never saw the light of day.)

And we've had the annual cat-in-the-Burger's-box photo.

Every year someone sends us something from Burger's Smokehouse.  Every year the cat wants to sit in the box.  And we take the same photo of him in the box every year.  Another Christmas tradition fulfilled.


Ami said...

Your basement... and tons of others are filled with supplies and cool stuff that you should definitely use!! Make Christmas crafts in July! Have a great time with it. I have been gradually using my hoard for the kids at work and occasionally having a little fun with it myself.

I'm thinking that would actually be a summer boredom buster for 'my' kids... Winter in July! Snowflakes, snowmen, sleds, scarves...

So yes. Make more stuff. Make the world, or at least your corner of it, more crafty! More... FUN!

Freakmom said...

What a perfect gift for Annabeth's dancing friend!

Many years ago my aunt had a stroke. My uncle gave my mom and me boxes and boxes of her craft supplies. We still go to "Carol's boxes" for stuff that we need and love to remember them both.

I think my point is that leftover supplies, whatever their source, are a great way to remember the past when you do pull them out.

Sally said...

I love the design of the scarf. Do you know where I can get directions?

Gail said...

Sally, the scarf is February Lace Scarf, based on the lace from Elizabeth Zimmerman's February Baby Sweater. More info at and on Ravelry.