Saturday, December 24, 2011

So far ...

So far we've had a rat in the tree:

We've gone to see Beauty and the Beast:

We've made butter cookies:
And decorated them (after an emergency trip to the store for sprinkles, etc., when we realized we were almost out):

Including a special cookie Annabeth made for Santa (which I think is so awesome I sort of want to lacquer it and keep it forever):

And had our special family reading of the Christmas story while the kids used the manger scene to act it out:

Still to come: the Christmas Eve service at church, which we usually don't go to.  But Thalia and Rick are singing in the choir.  And Rick has discovered that the words "Nobis Pacem" sound a lot like "Obese Possum", and is wondering if he can get away with singing it that way.


Ami said...

Get away with singing it 'that way'?? Wait. Those aren't the words?

Now I know why everyone looked at me so funny that one time...

MOM #1 said...

Thanks for stopping by!

I just HAVE to know if that's a REAL rat in your tree, and if so . . . HOW did it get there . . . And more importantly, HOW on earth did you get a photograph of it?????!!!!!!!

Freakmom said...

I want to know how he ended up singing the song. Merry Christmas!