Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some Goings On

In Shepherd's Life Science they've reached the botany unit.  Hence, the ever popular experiment where you put a white flower in colored water, and wait for it to turn a different color.

Annabeth's flower is just starting to show the first couple of streaks of the new color.

Cadette Girl Scouts are having their Valentine's Day party this week.  I bought a little kit for making Valentine's from Target, and also some conversation hearts, and asked Annabeth which she'd rather give out.  She opted to combine them.  She had a lot of fun with the kit, which was mostly craft foam.

And I'm working on Butterick 5559, the Maggy London dress that everyone's either purchased as a knockoff at Dress Barn or else sewn their own version.  It's been pretty fun so far.  I still need to make the tucks at the waist, then sew up the sides and put in the sleeves.  Right now it reminds me of Cardassians, but that's probably because we've been watching a lot of Star Trek reruns lately.

Mostly we've been enjoying the weather -- opening windows, doing yard work, even firing up the grill.

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