Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Type Things No One Cares About

Every once in a while I wander across an old blog post and think, "Wow, I'd forgotten all about that!" Hence posts like this that are just filled with bullet points of stuff we've been up to, which probably no one much cares about but me and maybe some family members.

In various past weekends:

Thalia helped out at Winter Jam 2012 as a volunteer.  Winter Jam is a Christian rock concert.  Tickets are only $10, but they're not sold in advance, so people line up hours ahead of time at the venue.  As a volunteer Thalia got in for free; more importantly, since she was guaranteed to get in she didn't have to show up at 2pm and hang around in the cold for several hours.  She had fun, saw a lot of people do a lot of stupid things (although theoretically less so than at a non-Christian concert, although people were still trying to steal things from the booths), got a free tshirt (not stolen), met one of the bands, and got home really really late.  And also managed to avoid making any really nasty comments about Joy 99FM, even when presented with the opportunity.

The next morning we had to be at church extra early so she could sing in 2 choirs at 3 services.

Thalia also went to SLUH's Sno Ball at Windows of Washington.  And got home really late, followed by having to get up early to sing at 2 services at church.

Last weekend her choir was supposed to sing, but it got cancelled.  Which made sense, since she wasn't out late anywhere, so, you know, why bother getting up early and singing.

My main occupation for several weekends seems to have been driving all over the county -- eg, pick up kid from overnight stay in the Eureka area, then go to Ballpark Hilton downtown (who has more bling and crazy costumes -- Irish dancers or mardi gras parade attendees?  Looked like an even match to me), stop by Ballwin, then over to U. City.  Lather, rinse, repeat.

We meant to go to Pattonville's winter musical (Music Man) but pretty much ran out of steam.

We did make it to SLUH's winter musical, Where's Charley.  Believe it or not, I remember seeing the play  years and years and YEARS ago, although the only thing I remembered about it was the bit about "Brazil ... where the nuts are from."  For the most part, it was awesome.  Joseph Schulte nailed it when he picked out this musical for these kids. It helps that he had a talented group as his core, although I'm sure he's brought out the best in them by developing them over the years. Since SLUH is all male they import females for roles, and the girl playing Kitty was also very talented. There were parts I would've left on the cutting room floor, so to speak (a vocal solo that was ear numbingly long and grating, a dance number that was  low energy), and there were casting decisions that made us say, "Hmmm...??" But overall, a fun time.

We've also been hooking the laptop into the television so we can watch shows off of Amazon prime and Hulu -- Star Trek, Time Tunnel, Lost in Space, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea.  A wealth of hokey-ness.  A tribute to the STEM aspirations of our culture back in the 60s and 70s (what happened to that, by the way?).

Okay, that's all I remember doing.  But that doesn't mean that's all that happened.  Who knows.  The rest is already lost in my memory.

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