Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Happy Rat-iversary, Farley!

You came to live here 2 years ago, a teeny tiny ratty girl.

Since then you've made friends with lots of people,
and other rats.

You've explored lots of places
including every rat's favorite, the trash can,
and even the great outdoors.

You've often tried to learn to use the computer, or at least the keyboard.

You've celebrated many holidays with us.

You've eaten several pounds of Cheerios
and Chex.

And, mostly, you've been a great example of how cute, friendly and smart a pet rat can be!


Mel said...

Cute!!!! I love ratties.

Sara Glascock said...

I love the rats. They are really smart animals and great pets. People don't realize that you can potty train them.