Monday, February 18, 2013

Other Pursuits

When not working on their school work or attending various classes, the kids have been busy:

Babysitting.  They have a weekly job at a church during a Bible study, and also babysit for the neighbors.

Singing in choirs.

Taking voice lessons.  Thalia was in a recital her voice teacher had a couple of weeks ago.  She started with the teacher back in September.  Annabeth started lessons after the recital.

(I love the acoustics in this recital hall, by the way.)

Girl Scouts, shown here at the skating rink.

Taking ballet. They take 2 different places, by the way, one of which uses Vaganova, and the other  seems to use more of a  Cecchetti style.  And, of course, they argue about why each has chosen the superior style.

Taking tap.  They are with the same teacher in the same class, so theoretically fewer arguments.

Thalia is in rehearsals for Scarlet Pimpernell.

Annabeth will be the Cat in Seussical.

Thalia is production assistant for Seussical.


In the meantime, I've been crocheting a boatload of collars (19 total) for the Irish Dance studio:

 A wad of 8 collars.  Someone asked me if I was making basketball nets.

 Eight MORE collars, but pressed and folded.

 Three school collars.  

 Closeup of a school collar.  These are highly annoying to make.  At least one of the old collars disappeared when someone decided to clean it in straight bleach.  DON'T DO THAT!  Straight bleach will destroy the fibers, as they discovered when the entire thing sort of disintegrated.   Use water with a little bleach added.  Or use peroxide.  Otherwise I will stab you in the hand with one of those pointy metal crochet hooks 

I finished all of the crocheting last Thursday afternoon.  It's Monday afternoon, and my hands are still sore.

And now it's time to start some serious sewing for  Pimpernell.  I'm so glad I have quality help for this:

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