Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Work in Progress Wednesday

McCall's 6141

This is one of Marguerite's dresses in Scarlet Pimpernel.  Although the pattern is supposed to be Renaissance, it gets used for Regency.    It still needs trim, which hasn't been purchased yet, mostly because no one's found anything that matches and looks appropriate.

For ease of quick changing between scenes we ditched the back laces called for in the pattern, and used velcro in back.

I semi-lined the bodice.  The pattern has a bagged bodice lining, but that would make alterations crazy. I sort of used the lining pieces as giant facing pieces -- I sewed them to the neck and back, then flipped them to the inside and serged them to the edges of the bodice pieces.  I then made darts and sewed seams with the 2 pieces (lining plus fashion fabric) held together.

I had to lengthen the lower sleeve.  I also took out some of the bust curve.

The solid blue is a stretch satin.  It wrinkles easily.  The brocade is surprisingly lightweight.  The fabrics are from Hancock.

The whole thing has sort of a dumpy nightgown vibe.  It looks okay when the actress puts it on, though.

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