Thursday, October 23, 2008

Dance Class is Cancelled!

This throws the schedule for the entire day into a spin.

I had planned to drop of kids at dance, then go run errands. When I do errands by myself I tend to stick very closely to my list, not deviating.

When the kids go along they are easily distracted. They end up wanting to buy cat wigs

And have visions of putting little iridescent wings on the cat's back, and take her trick-or-treating

"People would just coo over her!" (We've obviously been reading too many British novels -- no one talks like that in real life, do they?)

Really, though, her personality is more suited to dressing up as a monster.

If they had cat costumes based on Sith Lords, that would be appropriate.

Please note that I had nothing to do with this entire affair. If she decides to kill everyone in the night maybe I'll be spared.

Really, though, she seems to have already forgotten the entire incident and is concentrating on her new obsession: trying to eat those little packing pellets that are corn based and dissolve in water.

Just another rainy day at our house.

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