Monday, October 13, 2008

FiFi Complete

And on the way home from Dayton I worked on finishing up FiFi:

Knit of Rowan Calmer that I had purchased for another sweater I decided not to knit -- pattern chosen mostly to use up the Calmer, as a matter of fact. I made it longer in the arm scythe, in the torso, and a bit longer in the sleeves. It was a fairly easy knit. The cables are done without a cable needle, so they zip along.

Today's probably the last day of 2008 that it's warm enough to wear it -- I'll put it away until next spring. I have some issues with the overall look of the sweater -- I think the yoke hits me weird, and it's a looks a little too overworked now that I see it in person (it didn't strike me that way in photos I've seen of it). Also, I'm not that thrilled with the color -- what was I thinking when I bought this yarn? Obviously purchased during my pink phase (I'm now in a blue phase, for the record -- I keep buying blue yarn). But, hey, it's wearable and it fits, and if you know my wardrobe you know that those are the 2 main criteria I have.


Weaver said...

it's beautiful!! congrats!!

Staci at Writing and Living said...

I think it looks very nice. I think the detail would look good with plain khaki pants.