Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekly Report -- Oct. 17

We finally have a week in which we don't have to run out of town. Finally have a chance to get more done. The reality, though, was that after all of the hullabaloo of recent weeks, I mostly wanted to stare at the wall.

AnnaBeth took a week off of math. It seemed an appropriate break between RightStart C and D.

She forged ahead in First Language Lessons. One of the lessons heavily overlapped the type of lesson she's doing in Writing With Ease, so we skipped WWE that day.

In science we just finished up odds and ends about the eye and sight. She made another thaumatrope, this time out of index cards and rubber bands. I had originally found that website when we were putting together ourBrownie Try-It about the senses. She also made a paper model of the eye.

Thalia continued algebra without incident. She finished up the Lightning Lit unit on poetry and began reading Alice in Wonderland, which is the next unit. I have the impression that this isn't a very challenging curriculum for her. One of the advantages, though, is that she likes having everything laid out for her -- schedule (which she's working ahead of), assignments, worksheets. Speaking of which, she's also enjoying Prentice-Hall Science Explorers for much the same reason -- she can methodically work through all of the questions and experiments.

Read alouds included Five Children and It, Understood Betsy, Little House on Rocky Ridge, The Little Duke, and Burgess Animal Book.

Extracurricular activities included dance, piano, swimming, and Scouts. This week both troops went to Operation Food Search for a service project which involved organizing some of the food for distribution.

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kitten said...

Glad things are settling. I'm one who likes it all laid out also.
Take care and keep up the good work!