Sunday, October 5, 2008

Road Trip

Thursday afternoon we took off to visit my parents in Indiana.

During the trip I crocheted a collar.

On Friday Grandma went to read to some people in Assisted Living. She does this 2 Fridays per month. Thalia and AnnaBeth went along, taking their Pat King CD. They danced a jig for the people -- no costumes or shoes, just in their regular clothes and socks. People really enjoyed it.

Then we went horseback riding.

It was AnnaBeth's first time to go on a ride. She's right behind the trail guide, wearing a pink poncho.

Thalia is riding the horse that I wanted. I ended up on Jericho -- you know, "Jericho" like the weapon in Ironman.

After the horseback ride we went to an apple orchard. They had just pressed apple cider.

We bought 5 gallons of fresh pressed, unpasteurized cider, shown here crammed into a cooler. Also, 2 cases of apple butter both the regular (ingredient list: apples, sugar, cinnamon) and sugar-free (ingredient list: perfectly ripe Yellow Delicious apples). If you are in driving distance of this place -- Skiles Orchard near Rossville -- you really need to go. They have all sorts of stuff in their shop, by the way, like painted gourds:

Then back to Grandma and Grandpa's to end the day watching Ironman. Again.

The next day was a fall festival that had all sorts of activities, like animals from the Humane Society,

and games, and a giant garage sale, and food for sale, and face painting, and, yes, entertainment, including a special guest performance by 2 dancers...

Yes, Thalia and AnnaBeth also took along their shoes and headbands (NO WIGS!), and put together a 15 minute show for the crowd. Grandpa was the sound man, Aunt E was in charge of filming it.

Then later in the afternoon we went swimming ...

and then bowling ...

Hmmm, the crowd is starting to look a little tired, don't you think? Rick is in his bumblebee shirt because he went to the Purdue game.

Sunday we got up bright and early and headed home, during which I crocheted another collar.

And, after attending to our usual Sunday activities (including listening to the cats tell us about the indignities of being home alone while we were wandering around doing not-much-important, at least not-much-important to felines), we're ready to relax.


Weaver said...

glad to know we weren't they only ones watching ironman :)

Course, it was the Brewer's weekend at home and we are broke (funding two households with one paycheck will do that to ya :)), so it was a weekend of riding bikes, playing at the park, clearing out the dvr and watching ironman. Oooo, and eating apple pie, gingerbread and homemade tastykake butterscotch krimpets. The Brewer might need two seats to get back to Jersey :)

km said...

What a full weekend. I'll bet you were all glad for the time to relax. You're getting quick with the crochet collars. I was going through a box of my Gram's patterns and found a whole book of crochet collars from 30 years ago. Fun stuff. =0)