Saturday, September 26, 2009

Weekend Stuff

Our weekend started rather unexpectedly Friday noon with a call from a daycare -- I'm listed as an emergency contact for a boy there, and he needed to be taken home because he had a fever. Except no one was at his home, so he came over here and slept on the couch for the rest of the afternoon.

I drove him to his dad's work place at quitting time, and then set out to drive them both home so they didn't have to mess with the bus. And the little boy threw up in the car. The dad panicked, and started saying we should go to the emergency room. Umm, no, let's hold on a minute ... within a couple of more minutes it seemed like his fever had broken and he was saying he was hungry. Presto, no emergency room needed.

The next day we had planned to have him over to our house since his dad had to work and weekend daycare is so expensive. He seemed much better, although with coughing and a runny nose. Thalia and Annabeth entertained him most of the day, earning service hours for use towards various Girl Scout things. Annabeth selected and read appropriate books to him, figured out a healthy snack -- I think those things have something to do with a Junior badge on child care.

In the meantime, the Great Tree Felling continued at the neighbor's house. The black spruce is now history. Well, actually there are still piles of branches here and there. We were trying to figure out what we could do with the wood. Apparently it's used for making cellos and other musical instruments -- not something we were planning to do any time soon.

Also, this is how far I can go into the splits:

After viewing the Front Splits Fast program once the kids have shot ahead of me on flexibility. We've decided this needs to be hush-hush, so that when John comes and offers $20 to someone to do the splits Thalia or Annabeth can take him up on the offer, sort of like a card shark but with the splits (if you're in our dance school this scenario makes sense; it you're not, don't worry about it). So, dear Internet, mum's the word, and I hope you can keep a secret, okay?

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km said...

I used to be able to do all 3 splits. Hmmm...maybe this will motivate me to stretch.