Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday

The sock:

I've turned the heel and am working towards the toe. I'm worried that the heel is a little loose for the intended recipient. But not worried enough to rip it out and re-do it.

Someone saw me knitting these and wanted to chat about knitting. She asked what I was knitting. "Socks." Oh, but what kind of socks -- slippers? bed socks? "Just regular socks." Well, what was I planning to put on the bottom/soles? Wasn't I worried that the wearer would slip while wearing them? No, the wearer will have shoes on over them ... because they're SOCKS, like you put on your feet right before your shoes. The conversation went on and on and on this way. Very surreal.

Other things we're working on:

Helping the neighbor cut down her Black Spruce (so far the lower branches are chopped off and hauled away),


Doing the splits.


Christiane said...

Funny sock conversation! Or maybe that would be scary?
Are all 3 of you working on your splits? Eeek... I can't even think about trying to do the splits anymore. Bending down to tie my shoes – that's more like it. :-)

Anonymous said...

Those look dashing!'s Wednesday already? Woah, dude, like...when did that happen?

Bridgett said...

That is absolutely bizarre. Has she worn socks, I wonder?

km said...

Not all of my store bought socks come with grippies on the bottom. In fact, I think that stops coming on the bottom of socks at 5T.

Lorraine said...

LOL - I have the same response from non-knitters over my knit socks. They must think they are made of platinum or something.