Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Work in Progress Wednesday

I was working on a muslin for Thalia's solo dress, and regretting the dark blue fabric, which is difficult to mark. Also, the fabric is thin and therefor has more give than a heavier fabric such as you'd actually use in a solo dress.

So I had this clever idea to use some velveteen a neighbor gave us. Except now that I'm into it, I realize that it's way too heavy, since it's upholstery velveteen. Also, the little nappy bits that are falling off all over the place are driving me nuts. Also, the color is

wrong enough to suck the joy right out of the project.

I'll be looking for some heavy white or cream fabric, and start over on this project.

Speaking of starting over, the lace collars are ugly. It finally crossed my mind that what I should've done is made a mock-up in white fabric, and use that as a template. I'm not posting pictures of what I've got so far because it might mentally scar some of the people who will be expected to eventually wear them.

On a brighter note, I started a pair of socks on our trip to Kansas City:

9-to-5 in Dream in Color Smooshy "Strange Harvest".

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Bridgett said...

DIC is so beautiful. What is the sock pattern?

I don't envy you the solo dress work. And you're right about the velveteen.