Monday, February 22, 2010

Things We Did This Weekend

- Rick was at a retreat most of the weekend.

- So we did some school on Saturday morning.

- And finally got a new leotard for Thalia so she can wear one that fits during the River Dance number.

- At archery Thalia finally broke 200 points at the 20 yard line (10 rounds of 3 arrows each, each arrow can score up to 10 points, so 300 points possible and need to average over 20 points per round to break 200).

- Early church on Sunday.

- AnnaBeth sang at church.

- Dance performance at St. Charles Working Women's Survival thingamabob. Who knew this was such a Big Deal? The place was packed. Sheesh.

- Choir.

- Youth group activities.

- Collapse.


Ami said...

But what about the important stuff? Is your house clean?


Gail said...


But the rat cage is. Does that count?