Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday

A picture of something knit or sewn in black! Isn't that FUN?!

Last week I was knitting on this vest, and hating it. It just seemed so wrong. Part of the problem is that I'm deeply suspicious of knitting directions from this particular company (Blue Sky Alpaca); they sell nice yarn, but sometimes their patterns sort of lack good construction techniques. Also, I was in my perpetually cranky state about the huge gap between sizes, and wondering why some of the gaps were bigger than others.

So I ripped the whole thing apart and started over, doing my own math. What a difference a few stitches can make!

The do-over possibly means this could be an entry into the Knitting Olympics or the Ravelympics, since I started the new, improved version well after the lighting of the torch. Except I never got around to entering those things. I *did* try to explain the Knitting Olympics to a non-knitter, and she was so very ... blank. It was like I'd started speaking in tongues midway through the discussion, and so she just politely turned off her brain rather than point out that I had ceased making any sense whatsoever.

Coming up next: pants and a turtleneck sewn in black. With equally exciting pictures, I'm sure.


km said...

I tried to explain the the Knitting Olympics to my husband and he didn't get I've not even mentioned it to any friends. I think they all think I'm cooky enough.

Ami said...

I'm always envious of people who knit... and their friends, too, since they seem to reap a lot of the benefits of having a knitting friend.


I did not think the pics were boring but want to see the finished product when you are done.