Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Work in Progress Wednesday

Some of the things we're working on around here:

1. Watching Gone With the Wind. We've made it to the intermission (right after Scarlett barfs up the radish and proclaims that as God is her witness she will never be hungry again). We're ostensibly watching this because we're studying the Civil War. Really, I'm not too enthused about watching Part 2 for a Civil War/Reconstruction lesson -- I recall it mostly being about Rhett and Scarlett acting weird towards each other. Thalia says Scarlett reminds her of Bella in Twilight (Thalia thinks Bella is a loser, by the way), Ashley is like Edward (she considers him sort of a weenie), and Rhett is akin to Jacob.

2. Bathroom makeovers. The basement bathroom is pretty much done:

That toilet is an American Standard Cadet 3 (the 3 refers to its flushability rating) with a 14 inch rough in. Most toilets have a 12 inch rough in. For the 14 inch you have to special order and/or go to a plumbing supply house, possibly while you were supposed to be working on history with your kids because the plumbing place is only open 8-5 Monday through Friday.

Next up, the main floor halfbath:

That's a Kohler one piece with a flushability rating so low as to mean "will adequately flush rat poops and not much else", and will be tossed ... however, it has a 12 inch rough in, so we don't have to look for anything particularly exotic.

Also, the tile and underlying concrete (!) had to be hammered up. It sounded like we were on a battlefield. Action shot of the multiple layers:

Whoever installed the floors in this house was apparently afraid that they might slide right out the door, and thus went to extreme measures to make sure they never ever moved or were re-moved.

If you think that it's maybe clever to have all of this work done while you're homeschooling because, hey, you're home anyway to supervise, it really isn't. It's a constant stream of interruptions. As God is my witness, I will never do a home improvement project during the school year again.

3. Vestuary. I have unraveled last year's Vestuary vest and started swatching for this year's:

That's it for this week! Well, except for all the other stuff we're doing. More on that later.

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