Friday, February 26, 2010

Weekly Report 2/26/10

The kids (and by "the kids" I mean our 2 plus 4 more) just left to go see the Percy Jackson movie again, and I had thought this would be a great time to do the weekly report, but mostly I'm just sort of sitting here thinking about the ice cream I hid in the freezer.

So, ummm ... what happened this week? Oh, wait, I wrote a bunch of it down, since we live in a state where we have to keep records of how much time we're spending on core subjects and non-core subjects (not that anyone ever actually LOOKS at those records, which makes it sort of sad to do all of these color-coded little notes all over the place when no one else gets to admire them).

Monday -- busy day. Thalia wrote a bunch of lab reports for her co-op class, which is studying Apologia Physical Science. She worked on Analytical Grammar, Jump In writing, Jacob's Algebra, practiced piano. AnnaBeth did a review sheet in RightStart E, did more work with prepositions in First Language Lessons 4, and started week 2 of Writing With Ease Level 3, plus piano. She also decided to get back in the swing of Latin by studying flash cards. We all read Anne of Green Gables, and read the first half of chapter 6 in Story of the World 4, which was about Paraguay, discussed and did mapwork.

Tuesday -- another busy day. AnnaBeth worked on Mango French, WWE (dictation), FLL4 (summary writing), RightStart E (improper fractions vs. mixed numbers ... oh, speaking of "improper" fractions, did you know there's such a thing as "happy numbers"? I just found out about these this week whilst looking up a wikipedia article on prime numbers, which I was doing because that's the sort of thing we do around here during our free time. Obviously we need to watch more television so we don't have all this extra time on our hands.) Thalia did a couple of lessons of Mango Spanish, Analytical Grammar, Algebra, Physical Science. Both practiced piano, listened to a read aloud of Anne of Green Gables, listend to part of of chapter 6 SOTW -- Canada, did associated questions and mapwork ... except AnnaBeth answered pretty much every question with "parliament" and Thalia was unable to move beyond the idea that Upper Canada in late 19th century was south of Lower Canada since they were obviously the wrong places on the map. But, hey, what do you expect from a section entitled the DOMINION of Canada, which talked about the FEDERATION? Right of the bat we were distracted by the Star Trek references, and silliness prevailed.

Wednesday -- AnnaBeth worked on RIghtStart E, WWE3, and FLL4; Thalia worked on Mango Spanish; and then I abruptly stopped writing anything down. AAARGH! Now I have to remember what happened when! Let's see, Thalia also did algebra, and Analytical Grammar, and Jump In Writing. Plus she did a couple of lessons in Barron's Spanish. I remember that because she skipped out of dance because she felt sick, and we decided it wasn't a big deal if she skipped because it's not as though there's a feis coming up any time soon. Plus that was the night the daycare called and asked if we could pick up the 3 year old we sometimes help with ... sheesh, what a mess THAT was. And Rick was installing the concrete backer board in the bathrooom until 11pm. Both kids managed to practice piano somewhere in there.

Thursday -- Hmmm. Thalia did science homework, algebra, writing, grammar, Mango Spanish (vivid memory of this because AnnaBeth was upset she was doing it while AnnaBeth was doing math) ... is that it? And AnnaBeth did RightStart, WWE, FLL, Mango French. Piano was practiced. Anne of Green Gables was read, along with SOTW chapter 7, which was about ... sheesh, I don't even remember ... oh, yeah, France, and all the various forms of government they tried and discarded.

And today, Friday, was chaos as we cleaned house, grouted tile (installed last night), painted baseboards, ran errands, picked up Girl Scout cookies, etc. etc.

Somewhere in there we fit in dance classes, core strength/flexibility class, piano lesson, drama class, co-op, and musical theatre class.

Okay, so I'm hoping I included everything, since I now must go recreate from Wednesday at about noon on with all of my various colors of pens. And then eat ice cream.


Moonbeam said...

Silliness so often prevails at our house. It's good to know we aren't alone. Congratulations on a busy and productive week!

Daisy said...

You had me in stitches with this week in review! Thanks for the laughs. Sounds like a great week. Now I'm thinking about the ice cream hidden in my freezer. Coffee Haagen Dazs, here I come.

Liza Q said...

All that record keeping? I think that you really earned that ice cream!!! And I see that you have a 10yo using Mango. How is she doing with it? I think I remember looking at it deciding it was too much for my youngest who is almost 10. I am looking for something for him to move into for 5th grade. Thanks.

WildIris said...

You mean I'm not the only one who thinks about the hidden ice cream in the freezer?
We do record keeping for school too. Sometimes I enjoy this task, a task I am consciously avoiding as I type, because I review what we've done over a month, and I can see where we maybe slipping. It keeps me accountable.
Thanks for sharing your good humor.