Monday, March 1, 2010

The Weekend

-- A slumber party after the Percy Jackson movie.

-- AnnaBeth sorted her Girl Scout cookies so they're ready for delivery. Thalia's weren't ready for us to pick up and start sorting until later on Sunday. Or else they're still not ready because they involve a run to the Cookie Pantry (the rules this year said you couldn't round up your order, so the cookie mom had to round down all the boxes and make up for it via the Pantry -- drove the cookie mom nuts, and was generally an annoying way to set things up).

-- Spent all day Saturday shopping for toilets.

-- Except for the part where Thalia went to her final archery class. Not a great shoot. But she'll be back next year.

-- Spent Sunday installing toilet

so we finally have a working bathroom after however many weeks it's been since the bathroom-remodel-guy decided he didn't want to do it (oh, if only he'd realized he didn't want to do this bathroom BEFORE he ripped it all out ...). Also, put the old pedestal sink back in, even though we don't particularly like it. But it works, so until we find something else we'll use it.

-- Also spent part of Sunday afternoon delivering AnnaBeth's Girl Scout cookies -- at least, the ones that aren't shared orders with Thalia. Because getting Thalia's order late really gums up AnnaBeth's.

-- AnnaBeth started working on the God and Family award for Scouts. One of her friends is doing it, and the mom said she'd lead it if the girls wanted to do it.

-- Watched some of the Olympic closing. I didn't finish my knitting be the end of the Olympics, or by the end of February. Somehow the toilet situation seemed more of a priority than completing a knitting project. Thus we once again see that I'm not such a rabid knitting fan as those who are more recent converts.

-- DIscovered Dan BLogs Twilight late last night, thus ruining any chance of finishing the knitting after the toilet was installed but before the stroke of midnight. Absolutely addicting.


Confessions of a Closet Hoarder but you can call me Judy said...

Good for you that you got the toilet in! We have one bathroom that's been torn apart for the last 8.5 years. LOL We really need to get to finishing it!

Freakmom said...

I've never heard of troops not being allowed to round up and forced to round down. That's just crazy. I always figured councils did it to sell more cookies. I guess maybe there had been a problem with rounded up cookies not being sold or returned?

(I fell behind in my reading, just catching up tonight.)