Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday's To-Do List

- Haircut

- Clean rat cage. We now have 3 rats. I need to write about.

- Stop by city hall to get some stuff I should've gotten last week.

- Grocery.

- Follow up on phone message someone left on St. Patrick's Day when I was too focussed on Irish Dance to deal with the real world. Oh, hey -- the woman called me back this morning, and it's already done! So, check that one off!

- Laundry.

"Did you bring someone else's socks home from camp accidentally?"

"No. Those are mine."

"I don't remember you having any tan socks like this."

"Those are white socks."

Long pause


- Homeschool stuff.

- Stop by Hancock's for a button, Kona cotton, Vogue patterns on sale. Do this while kids are at dance.

- Also stop by Target for printer ink, taco sauce, and other stuff I can't remember right now. Should probably make a list.

- Thalia needs shoes to go with her Easter outfit. Also, I need to put together Easter baskets sometime soon. Do we have any eggs for an egg hunt? Will I have a chance to deal with any of this today? Maybe we could look at shoes after I pick Thalia up from her science class this afternoon.

- Work on AnnaBeth's Easter dress. We couldn't find a pattern for what she wanted, so I'm making it up, sort of morphing a Burda and a Kwiksew. Trying it out in scrap fabric first:

So far it reminds me of uniforms from fastfood places in the late 70s/early 80s.

- Also, make Easter dress for me sometime ... fabric is washed, pattern located, but will wait until AnnaBeth's is done.

- Deal with vague feeling that I'm forgetting something really important that needs to be done today.


Bridgett said...

I get that vague feeling a lot. But I think I'd blame that sock.

TaraChristiane said...

Come to think of it, my Burger King uniform from high school had an odd resemblance to the top of that dress, only it was made out of a yummy burnt orange ribbed polyester with a plaid inset yoke. Attractive.
Good luck with that list!

km said...

We had socks come home like that from the boys camp-out last spring. I've had clothes of my own look like that in high school. eewww.

Last night 4 asked me if I could let her watch the video of those tap-tap girls again. So cute. Thought you'd like to know. I'm really going to have to take her to see our friend dance locally.

Sara said...

Lol. We have socks like that. I don't know what my daughter does to them... but yuck. They may never pass for white socks again. ;-)