Monday, March 29, 2010

What We Did This Weekend

AnnaBeth left for a camping trip Friday afternoon. Rick went to the NCAA basketball tournament directly after work. That left Thalia and I to spend the evening however we chose. We decided to select food that a) Rick can't eat due to food sensitivities, and b) AnnaBeth doesn't like ... so we got Chinese. We also got a movie we figured neither Rick nor AnnaBeth would enjoy -- Julie and Julia. It was a nice evening.

Saturday was spent looking at carpet for the family room. We brought several samples home, which the cats enjoyed clawing. I sort of hoped Black Cat would throw up on the one sample, since Ms. Snooty Salesperson from Snooty Carpet Place assured us that anything like that would clean up easily with water. So far, though, it has been at least 72 hours since a hairball. Drat.

I also made the muslin for Thalia's Easter skirt on Saturday.

Sunday we went to early church, then Sunday School. Home early, quick lunch, and then Rick took off for the Sunday NCAA game. I ran some errands, then went to pick up AnnaBeth from camping. She looked so pale -- I wondered if something had gone horribly wrong or if she was starting to get sick. She said she had fun; I think the main issue was that she doesn't do well with crowds of people and had just spent 48 hours with a large group. We skipped all of our usually Sunday afternoon/evening stuff, and hung out at home. I worked on Thalia's skirt, we watched Bob Newhart reruns, and had another quiet evening.

Must go now -- Black Cat seems to be contemplating a hairball regurgitation, and I must contemplate whether to move her to the carpet sample.


Ami said...

MM. Nothin' like the smell of cat yark in the morning.

Just one more reason I do not have a cat.

km said...

Oh how I wish my kitty was smart enough to hairball on the hard flooring. M has been quick enough to grab the cat and hang him out the door to the backyard. I'm not sure I could do that. I'm thinking a carpet sample for the cat could be to furballs like a litterbox is to you-know.

I still haven't seen Julie and Julia. Sounds like a fun time for all.