Tuesday, March 16, 2010

In the Thick of It

What St. Patrick's Day week looks like for an Irish Dance family:

Up early this morning so we could leave for a show at 8:30. At about 8:27 Thalia discovered she couldn't find the green bloomers that are part of the "official" dance outfit. I think they're probably at the location of the second show we did Saturday OR in someone else's dress bag. Who knows. We also lost a camisole Saturday, so it was a tough clothing day. In any event, she wore a black leotard and tights under her dress, which then looked as though she was prepared for River Dance or Treble Reel.

Anyway, first show at a retirement community/nursing home. From there, load up and zip to a business to do a show for the employees during their lunch hour. Many of the employees were Taiwanese, and SOMEONE had a lunch that involved shrimp, rice, and soy sauce ... yum, it smelled soooo good, and we all were having visions of some sort of asian food for lunch. So, after the show (which was lots of fun, plus they gave the kids treat bags and cookies) we headed to Sansei for a late lunch.

And then, after that I headed to the fabric store in search of green satin for new bloomers. One of the moms of another dancer was asking where she could get a new pair of bloomers for her daughter, who needed a bigger pair. So I said I'd make a pair for her while I was at it. The fabric store took FOREVER. Home in time to eat a snack, stick a wig on a kid's head, and go to another show.

The 3rd show ended up starting a half hour late. Thalia and AnnaBeth were absolutely goony with tiredness. AnnaBeth commented that it was a really fun show; I said it was fun because she had stopped caring what happened. I remembered to take my camera, but forgot to take any pictures.

Stopped at Schnucks on the way home for a couple of frozen pizzas.It's after 9pm, we're all tired, the cats are running around outside, the rats are running around the family room, the pizza is baking in the oven.

And tomorrow we get to do it AGAIN!

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Anonymous said...

Holy smokes! What a schedule! Hope you take some time to chill this weekend.
Reading Ryan Fisher and loving it so far (just started). Thanks for the recommendation!